SMS d’amour en anglais I miss you


Modèles de 50 SMS originaux et introuvables sur internet pour surprendre et émouvoir votre moitié.

Votre amour est loin de vous, et il/elle commence à vous manquer terriblement et vous désirez le lui dire ? Il/elle est anglais(e), bilingue, ou aime simplement l’originalité et la langue de Shakespeare ? Envoyez-lui un petit SMS d’amour en anglais I miss you !

Modèles de SMS en anglais pour lui dire qu’il/elle vous manque :

1/ I know we see each other every day, and that we go to bed every night, but right now, I don’t know why, I miss you badly. I would like you to be a little mouse and that you’d slip under the door to come and join me! I’m looking forward to see you tonight!

2/ I always want to feel you near me. I miss you a little more every day!

3/ Lamartine said, « One single being misses you and everything is depopulated. » I totally agree! I’m in the evening, everyone is having fun, but you, you aren’t there, and without you, in my soul, evrything’s too quiet. Come back to me darling!

4/ I would like to yell to the whole world « Bring it back to me! » « He’s too far! »… I miss you my love, I would never have thought it would be that hard to bear your absence!

5/ I like to go to bed at night telling myself that somebody, somewhere is falling asleep thinking of me. So, know that, I too, think of you: when I’m waking up in the morning, when I’m showering, when I’m eating, when I’m reading, when I’m watching a movie … You are everywhere, you are in me. Despite the distance, I feel your presence, you fill me day and night and I thank you for that my love.

6/ Currently I feel like I’m the moon and you’re the sun. They never see each other… I miss you my love !

7/ One desire: to be near you. One wish: do not forget me. One truth: I love you. One dream: Our love being eternal. One lie: I don’t think of you. One sensation: The lack of your arms around me.

8/ Without you, I’m like a fish in the air: I lack of oxygen. I won’t breathe again until you come back. So hurry please!

9/ What I miss today is you, your smell, your cuddles, your sweetness, your grimaces, your annoying whistles, your naughty jokes that make me laugh only … I miss you when you’re far from me my love !

10/ I think back to all these moments we spent together discussing and strolling, to all the kisses we exchanged… I miss you so much my love !


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