SMS d’amour en anglais : good morning


Modèles de 50 SMS originaux et introuvables sur internet pour surprendre et émouvoir votre moitié.

Qui n’aime pas recevoir un adorable petit SMS au réveil ? Ça nous permet de commencer la journée avec un sourire jusque là et ça nous donne l’énergie de voir les choses de manière positive ! Alors pour souhaiter à votre amour un bon réveil, voici 10 modèles de SMS d’amour en anglais : good morning honey !

Modèle de SMS Good morning

1/ Before I left this morning, I watched you sleep. You were so beautiful and so peaceful. I hope that this day will end quickly, so that I’ll be able to find you again!

2/ Hello my love. A small morning-text, because when you send me one, my day become so bright ! So I hope to make yours wonderful by saying that I love you, and I wish you had a very nice day !

3/ The day rises; may these few words brighten your day. I love you my dear.

4/ I chose the most adorable person in my repertoire to say hello to her. So hello my love 😉

5/ I am sending you this message to wish you a good day. May this message be a lucy charme and may it opens the doors of a beautiful day.

6/ A morning text can defines whether or not a day will be pleasant. Knowing it, I chose to send you a cute one so that it will brigthens your day, the same way you brightens my whole life.

7/ This morning, when I went to work, I met a beautiful young woman. I decided to bring her a bouquet of roses. Look behind your door, there’s a surprise waiting for you. <3

8/ May this morning be the witness of my feelings for you and of the attachment I have for you and which binds us. Have a nice day my angel.

9/ A little text just to tell you that you occupy my thoughts, so that you smile and that it will enlight that morose day wherein I am away from you my love.

10/ To live a love story is to have a good life. I wish you all the happiness in the world my darling. I kiss you tenderly, I love you madly. May you have a pleasant day my love 😉

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